US Property Cat Rankings

Welcome to The Insurance Insider's US Property Cat Rankings survey 2020!


The survey is now closed but responses are currently being validated in order to power our second US Property Cat Awards to be held on 3 April 2020. The awards shortlist will be revealed soon!


What is it?

The survey results will tell us:

  • Who the best US property cat reinsurance underwriters and brokers in the global market are
  • Who the rising stars of this industry are
  • Who the top service providers in the market are
  • Which company provides the best claims service

The responses will be used to produce a ranking of the global market's most highly regarded US property cat underwriters and brokers.

Download 2019 results for free here.

2019 award winners:

  • Rising star broker of the year: Scott Rogers, Guy Carpenter
  • Rising star underwriter of the year: Charles Talbot, Securis Investment Partners
  • Catastrophe model/modelling agency of the year: AIR Worldwide
  • Weather tool of the year: Weather Underground
  • Most skilled broker of the year: David Nicholson, Aon's Reinsurance Solutions
  • Most skilled underwriter of the year: Christian Marx, Scor
  • US property cat brokerage of the year: Aon's Reinsurance Solutions
  • US property cat underwriting firm of the year: Managing Agency Partners
  • US property cat broker of the year: Tim Martin, Guy Carpenter
  • US property cat underwriter of the year: Richard Trubshaw, Managing Agency Partners
  • Outstanding contributor of the year: Mark Pepper, Ascot Group


Top three US property cat brokers 2019


Overall Rank 2019


Overall Rank 2018



Overall Score

Overall Vote Count

1 0 1 Tim Martin Guy Carpenter 32 12
2 0 2 Simon Keeley Guy Carpenter 21 10
2 +1 3 Simon Rowland Aon's Reinsurance Solutions 21 10


Top three US property cat underwriters 2019


Overall Rank 2019


Overall Rank 2018



Overall Score

Overall Vote Count

1 0 1 Richard Trubshaw Managing Agency Partners 65 25
2 +1 3 Richard Holden Fidelis Insurance 23 10
3 +7 10 James Holliss Chaucer 15 7


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The surveys


The Rankings surveys are two-way surveys by which underwriters nominate the best brokers and brokers nominate the best underwriters. They are typically open for six to eight weeks.


The Research team has produced a series of rankings across different lines of businesses including Cyber, Political Risk, Political Violence and US Property Cat.


Nominations and scoring


Each respondent is asked to nominate their top three market practitioners. Brokers nominate underwriters and vice versa.


The survey is individual-based so respondents only nominate and score the best professionals, not companies. Individual results, however, are aggregated to also derive company rankings.


Ranking results


The ranking of underwriters and brokers is calculated using a scoring method known as Borda count which assigns 3 points to any respondent’s top choice, 2 points to the second position and 1 point to the third place.


This method provides consistent weighting to each vote while accounting for voters’ order of preference, hence providing the best representation of market preferences. The Borda count is used extensively in other popular ranking awards such as the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award or the Eurovision Song Contest.


Attribute rating and testimonials


Apart from nominating the top three professionals, respondents are asked to mark them on specifically-defined attributes. These qualities define the best underwriting and broking practices and include things such as risk knowledge, effective communication, honesty, analytical skills and creativity.


There are six attributes defining the best underwriting practices and eight attributes defining the best broking practices, against which nominees are rated. Respondents are also invited to provide a statement with their main consideration behind each of their designations.


Response validation and data integrity


Complete confidentiality is offered to all participants, allowing for honest and trustworthy scores and testimonials.

Surveys are mainly conducted online but the data collection process is complemented with phone calls to ensure the required levels of participation. Time and IP tracking is combined with analyst validation of all individual records to ensure data integrity.


Participation and statistical significance


A screened list of potential respondents is used to track and monitor participation rates throughout the length of the survey. Minimum levels of participation are set so as to achieve a maximum error margin of 10% of overall scores at a 95% confidence level.


This means that the final sample size is sufficiently large so as to ensure that ranking scores remain unchallenged if the survey were to be run repeatedly.


This means that if we ran the survey one hundred times, and an individual was ranked 30th, 95 times out of a hundred they would be ranked between 27th and 33rd.