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Insider Quarterly is still a teenager. It may be mature, but the publication that began life in 2001 as the features offshoot of Insurance Insider has yet to reach its 20th anniversary.

The precise transition point from teenage to adulthood is a difficult one to pinpoint. Many teenagers (and children also) display more adult sensibilities than many so-called adults.

And yet, if I recall my twenties, I can’t necessarily claim to have thought of myself as a ‘grown up’ at that age – even if I was officially an adult.

Equally, plenty of adults (including pensioners) can behave in a childlike fashion at times.

There is something joyful, however, in knowing that the child we once were lives on in all of us – just as an adult dog, with its puppyish exuberance behind it, can still be tempted to chase after a thrown stick.

I would like to think, therefore, that IQ has not only ‘come of age’ but has also matured beyond its years. In the relatively young world of business-to-business publications, it may appear to be a venerable institution, but it is a mere stripling alongside some of the world’s longest-established news organisations and features publications.

In this relatively short time, it has evolved from a slightly disorderly catch-all for all of Insider Publishing Group’s long-form journalism and sponsored content into a respected forum for thought leadership, strategic and historical perspectives, and a more considered view on the (re)insurance world.

However, having entered its 20th year, IQ is about to undergo a further transformation – one that preserves our commitment to providing you with engaging features content and that we trust will also reaffirm your commitment to reading.

The core proposition of IQ remains strong. There is both an appetite and a need for thoughtful, long-form editorial in the insurance B2B space and we intend to continue delivering that to our readers.

However, having listened to you, we have come to understand that a quarterly print title is not necessarily the format and the frequency that best serves your needs – and that a digital product is more in line with how you prefer to consume media.

We also heard you when said you wanted us to expand the breadth of our coverage – as well as covering existing topics in greater depth.

In line with Insider Publishing Group’s other print titles, the move towards a digital platform seems inevitable, therefore.

IQ has always been a print publication at heart, but as we transition away from traditional print media towards a more compelling digital offering, IQ will also have to change.

From September we will be evolving the publication into a more interactive and comprehensive digital solution. It won’t be quite the same as the IQ of old, but we are confident that it will continue to satisfy your interest in long-form content and that, at the same time, you will find it an exciting and engaging alternative.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about these changes in the coming weeks.

Until then, enjoy the read and see you in the digital future!

Gavin Bradshaw

Editor, Insider Quarterly

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