Jomaa and Perkins top 2017 cyber rankings

Alex Jomaa of CFC Underwriting has been voted the top cyber underwriter in the London market for the second year running, according to The Insurance Insider's 2017 cyber rankings survey.

Meanwhile, Max Perkins of Lockton rose to become the highest-ranked cyber broker in London. In the 2016 survey, Perkins had ranked 11th.

Attribute rankingsMore than 140 people gathered at this publication's inaugural London cyber awards last month to find out the results of the survey, which reviews the merits of London's cyber brokers and underwriters.

The event presented awards to the top-ranked individuals and firms, as well as recognising the most-skilled professionals, "rising star" talents and the best law firm and the best service provider supporting the market.

The Cyber Rankings Survey 2017 was conducted by experienced research staff operating independently of The Insurance Insider's editorial team.

A total of 324 people participated in the survey, which generated a ranking of 91 underwriters and 64 brokers.

At a company level, 30 underwriting companies and 21 brokerage firms were rated.

The study asked brokers to list three of their preferred individual underwriters, while those writing the risks were asked to pick and rank the three intermediaries they rated most highly.

The Insurance Insider's data team, led by product manager and head of rankings research Carlos Pallordet, then aggregated the information and sorted it by company to see which brokers and underwriters had the most respected teams.

The process generated a body of data containing scores that were used to provide an overall ranking for individual underwriters and brokers, as well as ratings for specific attributes and a collection of anonymised comments.

As with the 2016 survey, cyber-specialist MGA CFC Underwriting topped the charts, with its underwriters occupying the top three positions in the rankings.

However, the second and third positions were taken by a different pairing from last year, with James Burns and Andrew Prendergast replacing Andy Hall and Graeme Newman from the 2016 survey, respectively.

The top brokers were largely different from the previous year, with three of the top-ranking brokers having previously ranked far lower in 2016.

Shannan Fort of Aon Risk Solutions rose from 21st position last year to rank second below Perkins, while RKH Specialty's David Rees climbed to third position from 14th in 2016.

Jack Lyons, who was the survey's top-ranked broker last year, came in joint third position with Rees.

Underwriters were ranked on a number of attributes including technical and regulatory knowledge, negotiating skills, work ethic and creativity.

As a whole, London market cyber brokers rated their underwriting counterparts most highly on their knowledge and experience, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.0.

In the broking sphere, honesty and integrity were overwhelmingly seen to be the most common traits among London market intermediaries, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.0.

The importance of independence

The rankings work is undertaken by experienced research staff who share the ethos and values of The Insurance Insider, under the ultimate oversight of managing director Mark Geoghegan.

However, just as The Insurance Insider jealously protects its editorial independence, so does the standalone research team, operating autonomously from editor-in-chief Adam McNestrie and his team of journalists.

As such, the rankings and editorial businesses respect the necessary distance between the very different work that they do.

To gain full access to the survey data please contact The Insurance Insider's commercial director Spencer Halladey at

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