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Insurance Insider is the insurance news organisation that the boardrooms of the global wholesale, specialty and reinsurance industry cannot live without.

We employ the largest, best-connected and most fearless group of insurance journalists in the world. Together they deliver the hardest to find exclusive news and analysis that our worldwide executive audience needs to do its job effectively.

Knowledge is not just power for our readership - it is money.

In a complex, global, intermediated, syndicated and fragmented marketplace, it is difficult for even the best players to secure a vantage point which gives good visibility.

We provide that in real time, collecting a disparate range of information and presenting it rapidly and intelligently, with relevant context.

You get market intelligence on M&A deals, new ventures, losses and renewals that is simply not available anywhere else.

After more than 20 years in operation we have become embedded into the industry and its decision-making processes.

Our seasoned team has deep and longstanding relationships with the key actors in the sector.

Wherever insurance crosses state lines or national borders we will be setting the news agenda.

We wear uncompromising integrity and brutal honesty as our ultimate badge of honour.

In fact it is what we know you cherish in us above all other things.



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